Getting older weighs differently on everyone, but there is one sign of aging that lowers everybody’s self-esteem at the same plummeting speed: going bald. Nothing says the party is over as well as losing your hair does.

Most people notice the first signs of thinning hair after the age of 50. Others lose their threads when they reach 40. The most unfortunate ones do not even get the chance to grow a luscious mane before turning 25. Fortunately, by using a natural cure like Provillus, hair can grow back faster and with stronger roots for each patient, regardless of age. The secret behind this 100% safe and effective treatment is a powerful mix of herbal extracts, plant oils and nutrients that boosts hair regeneration. Here is a shortlist detailing their action and benefits:


This FDA-approved substance is a newcomer on the market of hair regrowth remedies. Its presence in Provillus guarantees that alopecia patients have a great chance of getting back their full set of threads faster than by using other treatments and with no side effects. Minoxidil is renowned for its ability to reactivate dead follicles and for enabling them to generate new hairs in places where the sufferers thought they will remain forever bald. As men represent a higher percentage of the population struggling with hair loss, the product version developed especially for them contains 5% Minoxidil, while the one designed exclusively for women has only 2%.


This vitamin has long been a crucial component of hair loss treatments and it is a normal addition to this medication due to its extraordinary remedial benefits for nails and balding scalps. Biotin deficiency usually affects pregnant women who see their hair falling at an alarming rate. This is why many doctors who endorse Provillus recommend this product for soon-to-become mothers to help them maintain a healthy set of hairs during pregnancy.

Mineral cocktail

There are very few dietary supplements on the market that manage to provide the right combination of nutrients and vitamins for a healthy body. More so, before the release of Provillus as the first highly-effective hair regrowth treatment, there was no available remedy that could nourish a bald person’s condition back to full health. This product contains healthy doses of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. All these coenzymes have been proven to stop alopecia from its early stages by sustaining a high-running metabolism able to produce new hairs with stronger roots.

Proprietary blend

Provillus is the only known hair loss remedy that contains only elements sourced from nature. Clinical tests have revealed that synthetic enzymes typical to modern medicine can be replaced by natural ingredients. For this revolutionary hair growth medication the doctors have used herbal extracts from less known plants like Saw Palmetto, Uva-Ursi or Eleuthero root and combined them with healthy substances obtained from more common ones like stinging nettle, horsetail and pumpkin. The recommended daily intake of this cure for baldness is of 2 capsules for at least six month. This is just enough to obtain a lush, glowing mane rapidly and without any side effects.