How Provillus works

Provillus is a natural cure for hair loss. By combining herbal extracts and vitamins this product gets rid of baldness effectively and with zero side effects.

Alopecia is a medical condition that prevents scalp follicles from growing new hair. People who struggle with this illness watch hopelessly as their threads are thinning and eventually falling off. Without a proper remedy, bald patches rapidly increase in size before covering their entire heads. These symptoms can be eliminated through a constant intake of Provillus, a highly-efficient hair regrowth formula.

How Provillus stops hair loss

Falling hair is a clear sign that your body lacks important nutrients. Without the nourishing enzymes that keep them alive, the cells cannot accomplish their natural role and eventually die. The first ones to suffer this fate are the follicles responsible for growing new hairs on your scalp. As this process continues, you can witness small spots of baldness enlarging and the rest of your hair losing its thickness. Provillus steps in and alleviates these symptoms by recreating a healthy balance of nutrients necessary for the cells to remain alive and productive.

In order to sustain a natural hair growth your body needs more than the usual vitamin intake provided by a normal diet. With the use of a natural remedy for baldness like Provillus, you benefit from new hairs with stronger roots and you also nourish your body with its required amount of nutrients.

This product acts as a dietary supplement as well, and it can easily become a regular member of your daily diet. Just by taking 2 capsules every day with your meal, you can grow your hair back in less than six months. Many doctors even suggest that a continuous intake of this remedy long after the treatment period ends is highly beneficial for the newly-grown threads and their roots.

Does Provillus really work?

Provillus is the result of several medical tests made on voluntary subjects that suffered from various forms of alopecia. The current and final version of this product has been proven to stop baldness and generate hair regrowth in over 95% of the cases. Until now there have been no side effects recorded by the consumers who managed to regain their natural mane safe and permanently.

A successful Provillus treatment may have different durations for each sufferer. Factors such as age, diet, exercising and medical history influence the pace with which this hair loss remedy completes its regenerative action. However, its curing properties are completely effective and do not create any negative consequences for the patient.

The first sign that your scalp is regaining its natural health is shown by the fewer threads that you lose with every brushing. This has been experienced by over 75% of consumers after just one month of treatment. The next stage of hair regrowth activated by Provillus is root strengthening. As your follicles are restored to full capacity, they ensure a normal hair production and overall thickening. Very soon, you forget about your worries of going bald and enjoy your brand new, luscious haircut.