Consumer reviews

A recent study shows that more than 65% of the elders in North America are struggling with a form of alopecia. This medical condition, more commonly known as balding, affects aging men and women in almost equal shares. What the study does not say is that these people are losing more than just their hair. With every thread that remains stuck on the hairbrush they lose a tiny bit of self-esteem and a large bite of their taste for life.

While many of them try to distract themselves with work and hobbies, few know that by using an efficient hair regrowth treatment like Provillus they can regain both their crowning glory and their happiness at the same time. Those who have used this product to stop the advance of balding have reviewed it as a 100% safe and productive remedy that has completely changed their lives.

Provillus cures alopecia

Contrary to general belief, baldness can be cured through a powerful combination of natural nutrients and herbal extracts that nourish the scalp back to total health. Provillus has just the right mix and most probably the only effective one that is available to hair loss patients. Its composition includes vitamins and enzymes crucial for a high-running metabolism as well as substances with regenerative properties obtained from various plants.

Most of the balding patients have already tried just about every hair loss treatment on the market. The thing that separates Provillus users from other consumers is the successful regaining of their natural hair. This is mainly due to Minoxidil, a chemical-free compound contained in this product that is very effective in restoring dead follicles back to life.

By using Provillus constantly you can witness the first signs of scalp regeneration in less than 90 days. After another three months of daily treatment you will notice the first hairs resurfacing on your head in areas where you did not expect them to grow ever again. From then on, all you have to do is to continue taking this simple remedy to strengthen the newly-formed roots and sustain the natural regrowth of other threads.

Over 97% of the consumer reviews are positive

Provillus has taken by surprise many people suffering from hair loss. Ever since their threads started thinning and falling they have been looking for an effective cure without having any luck in their attempts. This is the reason why their reviews are even more conclusive about the extraordinary healing power of this product.

Just fewer than 3% of the users have rated Provillus as less than satisfying. However, these people did not have the necessary patience to complete the minimum required period of treatment of 6 months. Hair regrowth takes time and it can only be achieved with proper care and natural supplements. Your body gets used to the daily intake of nutrients and vitamins, and if you stop providing them, it will cease to produce new hairs. This is why it is highly recommended that you continue this treatment even after your baldness decreases in size in order to prevent your hair from falling again.