Best foods to prevent hair loss

Once you turn 20 your follicles stop producing hair at a normal rate. From then on it is your goal to maintain the strength and luster of your mane. This means that you have to make some changes to your lifestyle and the most important one is your diet. By adopting healthier eating habits and supplements like Provillus you can combat nutrient deficiencies and prevent hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss naturally

Below is a list of vitamin-rich foods that fight off balding symptoms and help you maintain a full head of healthy hair:

  • Salmon - The main benefit of consuming salmon is its dose of omega-3 acid, a compound that cannot be processed by your body from other sources. This anti-inflammatory nutrient nourishes your scalp with much-needed fatty acids. In combination with a supplement high in vitamin B6 like Provillus you ensure that your hair will grow from stronger roots.
  • Eggs - One of the most important vitamins for a healthy hair is biotin. Its main role is to keep the nails and hair from decaying. Biotin can be found in a large amount in raw eggs, but this decreases with cooking. Since it is not recommended to consume uncooked eggs, you have to take your necessary intake of biotin from other sources. Provillus has a powerful dose of biotin, which is one of its essential ingredients against hair loss. By taking this hair growth remedy with your daily meals you will efficiently absorb the right quantity of biotin to prevent baldness.
  • Spinach - Hair loss is sometimes caused by a deficit of minerals in your body. To remediate this problem, you should add spinach to your daily menu. This is one of the foods that generate hair growth. Its composition includes calcium, potassium and iron among others. All these compounds are crucial to cover your bald spots and reduce thinning hair. Just like with the eggs, you have to eat raw leafs of spinach to obtain maximum hair regrowth benefits. Instead of eating tons of this, otherwise, delicious plant, you can take 2 capsules of Provillus per day. This will provide your body with a high count of minerals equal to a small town’s seasonal harvest of spinach.

Eat these foods for healthy scalp

  • Oatmeal - Losing your hair could be identified through many causes. The most common one is the temporary inactivity of your follicles. This usually happens if your body is not fueled with zinc and magnesium. This health-boosting super combo can be obtained in a simple bowl of oatmeal. Everybody knows that oatmeal is not the most delicious breakfast to start your day with. Fortunately, you can have your bacon, eggs and a side of toast everyday if you supplement them with a 30g serving of Provillus. This highly-productive remedy for alopecia has the ideal mix of magnesium and zinc necessary to stop baldness.
  • Nuts and seeds - Try replacing your poor nutritious snacks with nuts and seeds. These healthy nibbles are rich in oils that keep your head skin moist and enable the growth of new hair. However, you cannot walk around with a backpack filled with nuts everywhere you go. A much better solution is to take the Provillus hair loss treatment. This product is based on a powerful formula of natural oils extracted from saw palmetto, Uva-Ursi and Muira Puama among others, which are an even better remedy against balding than nuts and seeds.