About us

Provillus is the top-shelf product of a company that aims to stop the effects of hair loss efficiently and permanently. Over 97% of our consumers have declared their satisfaction in reducing their baldness and growing back their natural hair in less than half a year of continuous treatment.

With so many medical conditions affecting the adult population nowadays, losing your hair is one of the last ailments you want to suffer from. Alopecia, as it is referred in medical terms, affects over 65% of people over the age of 50. Most of these sufferers are faced with a losing battle against an age-old problem that seemed to have no solution before the release of Provillus.

This hair loss remedy is the successful project of a group of esteemed doctors who worked for many years trying to develop a 100% safe and effective treatment. They have finally achieved their goal by combining a wide range of natural extracts obtained from plants, herbs and fruits. The resulting mix is a highly-potent formula that provides the sufferer’s body with a large amount of nourishing nutrients.

The icing on the cake was adding Minoxidil to Provillus and thus creating the first hair growth treatment on the market to guarantee a cure for baldness free of side effects. Minoxidil is an FDA-approved substance with the unique ability to regenerate dead follicles on a balding scalp. If you are experiencing severe hair loss and thinning threads, then this is the product that you should take in order to regain full health.

Take your time and explore our website. You will find all the necessary support for your condition and find out just how easy it is to stop hair loss and prevent baldness with the help of Provillus. Our company has an extensive contact list that will help you with various issues regarding orders, cancellations and shipment inquiries.