Millions of people in the world are affected by hair loss. Also known as alopecia, this problem often leads to reduced self-esteem and even anxiety. Although more men are affected by hair loss, numerous women experience hair thinning due to certain causes. Thankfully, more than 90% of alopecia causes are temporary and they can be successfully treated with Provillus.

Hair fall: How much is normal?

Hair is more complex than we might think. Made of keratin and raising from the root, or follicle, hair is nourished by capillaries and goes through several different stages until it will eventually fall off. During the anagen phase – lasting approximately 2 to 7 years – it occurs the active growth. After that hairs enter a regressing phase – also known as the catagen phase, which lasts about 10 days and when follicles will shrink and separate from the scalp.

After that hairs will enter telogen phase, for about 3 months. Also known as the resting phase, it represents the time when the old strand will be resting while a new one will start developing in the same follicle. When the terminal position will be reached in the follicle, hair will enter the exogen, or shedding phase, and will eventually fall.

It is normal to have approximately 10-15% of all strands in resting phase at the same time. Again, it is something ordinary to lose about 100 hairs per day. But when they enter the resting phase too early and in a greater number, followed by a massive shedding of strands, it is an alarming sign that something goes wrong. It could be stress, a medicine, hormone imbalances and even aging. However, Provillus will repair the follicles affected and efficiently encourage the natural regrowth of strands.

Hair loss causes

Alopecia can be caused by many different factors. However, in more than 90% of cases a combination of genes and hormones is to blame. Stress, genes, pregnancy, menopause, nutrient deficiencies and certain health problems can lead to various types of alopecia. When heredity and the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone trigger hair loss, this condition is called Androgenic or Androgenetic Alopecia – male or female pattern baldness.

When we are over-stressed, the hormone cortisol is excessively produced in our bodies. As a consequence, DHT will be released and, because it will attach to our scalp follicles, strands will grow thinner, shorter and fewer, until they will eventually shed, leaving patients with a general hair thinning or even bald patches all over the scalp. With Provillus the root cause of the problem will be eliminated and follicles will be stimulated to grow new, stronger and healthier threads.

What is Provillus?

An experienced team of scientists and doctors developed the formula of Provillus. Months of clinical research have resulted in a powerful hair recovery system. Provillus consists in a combination of dietary supplement and topical solution that will fight together against what causes your hair to fall. The symptoms will be eliminated, as well, and follicles will start growing new strands.

Because it is administered both internally and externally, this powerful program will address to the cause of your problem and dismiss its effects. Whether you have high Dihydrotestosterone levels, a nutrient deficiency or aging has affected the appearance of your hair, Provillus will restore your confidence together with the shiny and healthy locks that are mandatory for your self-esteem.

Knowing that female and male patients have different bodies and necessities, the manufacturers of Provillus came up with two different formulations, to target the specific demands of women and men. This hair recovery system program will therefore treat and even prevent the occurrence of female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness.

Provillus ingredients

The capsules are formulated with compounds renowned for improving the health and appearance of hair. The nutrients included in the composition of Provillus capsules for women are: Magnesium, Biotin, Vitamin B6 and Proprietary Blend obtained with Horsetail Silica and Para-Amino Benzoic Acid. The topical solution for women contains 2% Minoxidil, substance that is FDA-approved and renowned for eliminating alopecia and stimulating the natural regrowth of beautiful locks.

Provillus capsules for men contain in their composition Zinc, Magnesium, Biotin, Vitamin B6, Saw Palmetto and Proprietary Blend, which consists of powerful herbal extracts of Pumpkin, Stinging nettle, Uva-Ursi, Eleuthero Root and Muira Puama P. On the other hand, the topical solution contains 5% Minoxidil because baldness in men is more accentuate and men’s follicles are more affected by DHT.

Whether it is destined to women or men, Provillus is made of the highest quality of purified herbal extracts. Because the compounds are 100% natural and clinically tested, the treatment is completely safe for consumers’ health. The nutrients from capsules will nourish the body and fight against what causes alopecia and Minoxidil will re-activate follicles so new threads will start growing soon.

How does Provillus work?

Some of the compounds included in these capsules strengthen the system and improve the immune response, while others will accelerate the blood circulation to the scalp and facilitate the absorption of ingredients. Provillus works both on the inside and on the outside, thus the compounds work synergistically to deliver the results expected.

When the capsules will be transported to the targeted area and eliminate the cause of shedding, the topical solution will revive follicles and assist in building new and healthier threads. After 4 to 6 months of using this system patiently and diligently, the benefits will start to appear. Hormone levels will be regulated, the nutrient deficiency alleviated and the development of alopecia will be stopped and reversed. New threads will grow on the scalp and hair will become healthier and shinier than ever.

Side effects

Male pattern baldness is responsible for more than 95% of all alopecia cases in men. Yet numerous women shed their beautiful locks because of high DHT levels. Provillus will cure this health condition naturally and, because the ingredients consist of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, there were no negative side effects reported.

Hair usually grows with approximately 0.5 inches per month. After beginning the treatment with Provillus, the growth rate will be accelerated and follicles will be encouraged to produce new threads on bald spots. Whether your hairline has receded or you are affected by a general thinning of hair over your scalp, this powerful hair recovery system will fight against alopecia without triggering unpleasant adverse effects.

Before and after Provillus

When men notice that their temples remain bald and friends start making jokes about it, they will suddenly develop a preference for hats and caps. Instead of covering the problem and opting for hazardous products that only claim to offer them positive results, men should take Provillus and eliminate alopecia naturally.

Before Provillus, hair loss can lead to anxiety and depression in women. They follow drastic diets to lose weight and learn to appreciate themselves more, but they will deprive their body from important nutrients. As a direct consequence, their hair will fall off and, though the effects are less visible than in men, women will become desperate to find the best cure. Natural remedies and home-made recipes will help, but their life will truly change only after Provillus.

This health supplement is available without prescription and does not require an embarrassing visit to your doctor. Establishing a diagnosis takes time and in many cases just high levels of DHT are to blame. However, if you experience other symptoms, you should ask your general practitioner and find if an immune disorder affects your follicles and scalp.

Provillus store

When you notice that your hair is falling and it becomes thinner, you should use Provillus as soon as possible. You will counteract the effects, allow the natural ingredients to rebuild follicles and diminish the harm done by high Dihydrotestosterone levels. Even you inherit this condition from your father or grandfather you can defy this sign of aging and restore the appearance of a scalp full of healthy locks.

Purchase your supply from Provillus store, located on the official website. Your order will be discretely delivered at your address and, though you will have to wait several days until you will receive it, you will have the guarantee that the product you will use is 100% original. This is not a treatment you will find in traditional shops or drugstores.

Nevertheless, you will not get a copycat and you can be certain that you will accomplish positive results without putting your health at risk. Even more, Provillus comes with a solid money-back guarantee, which is less likely to happen if you would purchase it from a traditional store.

How to fortify hair roots

The damaged hair follicles can be repaired with a few tricks, regardless of what interrupted its normal growth cycle. Apart from Provillus – which will provide plenty of nutrients and revive the roots – you can use numerous natural ingredients and home-made remedies. Hair roots will be fortified with herbs, fruits, legumes and vegetables rich in niacin, biotin, zinc and magnesium. In addition to this, massaging scalp regularly will stimulate the blood flow, thus assist the capillaries bring more nutrients to follicles.

You can either consume these foods regularly or apply them on your scalp, in various combinations. Actually, you are advised to do them both. You will strengthen follicles and provide them the vitamins and minerals required for healthy growing. Rubbed into the skin of head, a part of the active ingredients will be absorbed and your locks will look healthier and shinier instantly.

Before shampooing, apply a home-made hair mask with ingredients such as egg yolk, bananas, milk and essential oils: ricin oil, jojoba oil, chamomile oil, thyme oil or olive oil. Let the treatment on your scalp and hair for approximately 1-2 hours and wash gently, massaging the compounds deeply into the scalp. After rinsing the shampoo, apply Provillus topical solution and you will increase considerably your chances to regain your beautiful locks.

What should you eat to prevent hair loss?

Include in your diet poultry, mushrooms, broccoli, peanuts, coffee and asparagus – they contain plenty of Vitamin B3, also known as niacin. Consume grains, seeds and nuts on a daily basis as they include in their composition significant amounts of magnesium and zinc. These compounds will accelerate the hair growth rate and even aid in rebuilding the hair roots affected by certain diseases or disorders. In addition to this, you will prevent the development of alopecia and lengthen your follicles’ lifespan.

You will succeed to eat your way to stronger and fuller hair if you will add to your regime Vitamin A. The lack of this nutrient was linked to the occurrence of alopecia. Iron, proteins, Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E are essential for gorgeous and healthy locks.

Consume regularly foods such as spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, dairy products, eggs, oats, lentils, strawberries and citrus fruits and you will definitely prevent loss of hair. If Vitamin A from carrots improves hair growth, protein from poultry and eggs ensures lustrous locks. Iron and zinc from spinach and lentils accelerate the rate at which strands grow and biotin from nuts promotes a healthy scalp with strong follicles and threads.

Hair loss and stress

Even when you have a healthy lifestyle with a balanced nutrition and regular workouts, you can shed more strands than normally. Stress is your number 1 enemy, as it can affect you on numerous different levels. When you are under pressure for a longer period or you go through a very difficult event, it triggers the lack of sleep.

High stress hormones will be produced in your body and cortisol will be released. Furthermore, DHT will be generated in excess and it will attack the follicles, which will enter the telogen phase sooner than normally. Alopecia will occur and bold spots can appear on scalp, bringing the sufferer in despair.

Used even from the first signs of shedding, Provillus will fortify follicles and enhance the overall health of scalp. Hormone levels will be regulated and the effects of DHT will be removed. Follicles will be repaired, strands will replenish their health and the overall well-being of scalp will be elevated.

When is hair loss permanent?

Many people believe that certain types of baldness are irreversible. Alopecia areata, which occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks follicles, will lead to noticeable hair loss with bald patches and even complete baldness, yet its effects are only temporary. Even when patients pull their own hair because of stress and anxiety – Telogen Effluvium – the hair will grow back again, in several months.

You might believe that the inherited hair loss – Androgenic alopecia or female/male pattern baldness – is permanent, but the truth is that Provillus can combat it, too. Apart from nourishing the system with all the nutrients required for a healthy scalp, Provillus will also fight against DHT, keep it under control and repair the damages produced by this hormone.

Your father might have remained with a receding hairline and the shape of a horse shoe over his scalp, but he certainly did not apply Minoxidil, the ultimate treatment for alopecia. This FDA approved compound included in the formula of Provillus topical solution will reduce the signs of hair loss and even reverse this process. New strands will grow back on your scalp and you will regain your self-esteem within 2 to 6 months of treatment.

Why is hair loss so hard to cure?

Healing takes time, whether you deal with an ordinary bronchiolitis, anemia or hair loss. Considering that hairs grow approximately 0.5 inches per month, it will be hard to notice the results at first. Furthermore, the follicles will have to healed and rebuilt to be able to grow new threads. As a consequence, patients will believe that hair loss is hard to cure.

However, the truth is that Provillus works from the first capsules ingested. Because a considerable amount of nutrients will be added to your system and Minoxidil will be applied regularly on your scalp, the healing process in your follicles will begin from the first days of treatment. You will not see it, but you will probably feel the intensified blood circulation in the capillaries and a small increase in temperature or tingling sensations on your head.

After one or two months, the results will be visible. Some bald spots will be filled, hairs will start growing and your scalp will appear fuller. But at the end of the treatment, after several months, your hair will be significantly thicker, healthier and shinier. Provillus is a highly efficient remedy for alopecia and over 90% of consumers testify the effectiveness of this product.

Why should you buy Provillus?

Checking your situation in the mirror on a daily basis will not bring back the beauty of your scalp. Hair loss can be successfully stopped, reversed and prevented with Provillus, the number 1 treatment for all types of baldness. Whether it is caused by genes, hormones, stress or an unknown cause, your hair will grow healthily again in only 6 months of using this remedy.

Forget about hats, hair extensions or surgery. Get your supply of Provillus and fight against hair loss with the best weapon! If you are not happy with the effects attained, you benefit of 90 days money-back guarantee. Give it a try and Provillus will restore the appearance of a scalp full of healthy hairs!